The Montes-Kircher recital was all that one might have hoped for, quite glorious in both musical and technical terms. This pairing has the power to move, a truly rare gift."”



Una vez que se comienza a escuchar alguna de las interpretaciones del duo de guitarra integrado por Alfonso Montes e Irina Kircher, se tiene la sensacion de no querer desprenderse nunca de ese sonido armonioso: dialogo, contradialogo, comunion de cuerdas y una gran riqueza de colores musicales que a ningun oido resultaran indiferentes...”


Montes’ style has developed into an individual and recognisable one with beautiful melodies, haunting harmonies and characteristic rhythms.

The playing on this recording is immaculate, with the tone, balance and phrasing exceptional. All this, plus Music of such high quality, makes this an outstanding production.

In his sleevenotes for this CD, Chris Kilvington concludes by saying that with these Works Alfonso has youthfully begun to take his place alongside the famous names of South American Guitar composers, I would second that, and add that the Dúo Montes-Kircher could be placed alongside the few really top class duos the Guitar world has produced.”

Steve March, Classical Guitar, April 1992.

Montes-Kircher Interpreta Montes(KMK)


Montes ha desarrollado un estilo individual y reconocible lleno de bellas melodías, armonías evocativas y ritmos característicos

La ejecución en esta grabación es impecable, la calidad de sonido, balance y fraseo excepcional. Todo esto, unido a la alta calidad de la música, hacen de esta una producción sobresaliente.

En sus notas para este CD, Chris Kilvington concluye diciendo que con estas obras Alfonso, aún joven, ha comenzado a ocupar su lugar entre los nombres famosos de la guitarra en Latino América. Yo secundo esta opinión y agrego que el Dúo Montes-Kircher puede ser colocado al lado de los pocos, verdaderamente excepcionales que el mundo de la guitarra ha producido.”


The blending of two guitars as one in perfect ensemble. The absolute marrying of entries, the execution of cross-string trills as one, the ability to produce identical tone.........

A fusion of real musicality and complete technical command...”

Wigmore Hall, London, Classical Guitar.


La unión de dos Guitarras en perfecto ensamble. La absoluta precisión de las entradas, la ejecución de trinos paralelos como en un instrumento, la habilidad de producir sonidos idénticos......... Una fusión de verdadera musicalidad y total comando técnico.”


The Montes-Kircher recital was quite glorious in both musical and technical terms. This -pairing has the power to move, a truly rare gift.”

Scottish Easter Festival of Guitar and Performing Arts. Inverness, Classical Guitar.


El recital de Montes-Kircher estuvo glorioso en términos musicales y técnicos. Esta pareja posee la rara habilidad de conmover a quien los escucha.”


The catching rubatos and the intricate rhythms were no obstacles for the interplay of the Dúo. One could feel that the two musicians were creating something on the way intuitively and that they also touched a lot more strings than the ones the guitar is actually equipped with”.

Bergen-Tidense, Norway


Los difíciles rubatos y ritmos complicados no fueron obstáculo para el acoplamiento del Dúo. Uno podía sentir como éstos dos músicos iban creando algo como intuitivo a lo largo del recital y que tocaban con mucho mas cuerdas de las que la guitarra está realmente provista”.

The highly musical Dúo Montes-Kircher play so perfect and with such virtuosism, that it is a real delight”

Stereoplay, Germany


El muy musical Dúo Montes-Kircher interpreta con tal perfección y virtuosismo, que es un verdadero placer”.


Dialog, counterdialog, communion of strings and a great richness of musical colours that nobody could be indifferent to

El Nacional, Caracas


Diálogo, contradiálogo, comunión de cuerdas y una gran riqueza de colores musicales, que a ningún oído resultarán indiferentes”

Duo Montes Kircher

20th anniversary

Guitars- Mágico


........One can see at a glance that it is very wide ranging in musical styles, as one might expect from this fine duo. Beginning with a nice set of Dowland, one can immediatly get a sense of the rapport inherent between these two players, it is an important factor of their live performances, which are all too rare in the UK, unfortunately. Then comes Giuliani Grand Overture, a work that Irina Kircher plays very fast but perfectly controled.........

....the three pieces by Ulrich Wedlich are small but atractive, with more than a touch of rock and the modern......

Alfonso Montes “Young” is immediate and atractive with warm melodies and some delightful harmony work.......

Piazzola’s Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas in this arrangement includes new elements, not present in other versions.

The Lauro four pieces are fine examples of the warm nature of much of the music from Lauro.............

The Gershwin is a lot of fun........

the Mozart item is melodic and fits admirably the two guitars and is a fitting conclusion to a wonderfully diverse CD full of good music and very fine playing, all recorded very clearly and not too close so as to be intrusive.”

Chris Dumigan

Classical Guitar volume 23. N°. 6

February 2005


“The blending of two guitars as one in perfect ensemble. The absolute marrying of entries, the ability to produce identical tone......a fusion of real musicality and complete technical command.

Wigmore Hall, London.

Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar Magazine July 1989.


The final concert was given by the Montes-Kircher duo. They conveyed a warm musicality, which transcended their technique...... the most moving I have ever had the privilege to hear and went on to leave the audience clamouring for more.”

Jonathan Earp, Nov 2 2005, St Catharines


With a widely varied program including Dowland, Bach, Piazzolla and Gershwin, the Montes-Kircher Duo held their audience spell bound with their captivating blend of strong rhythms, beautiful melodic shaping, and blistering speed…..”

2nd Acadia Guitar Festival June/2005

By José Fermín